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I want my fantroll rated but I don't have a very good ref sheet and I'm on moblile so I can't send the one I have in... (Don't have a computer) what should I do? Describe it?

yep yep just send in a description and we’ll try our best to get back to you on it

Is it wrong to make a limeblood?

Take note: All limebloods are considered culled and removed from the blood caste in Alternia. Beforus on the other hand,could be different

I need a "default" blood color, not necessarily for an OC, but for a piece of art I'm working on. Is there a specific blood color that looks "normal?" I'm thinking either burgundy or teal, but I could be wrong.

if by normal you mean common then it should be the tiers around or below Terezi (Kanaya’s blood color doesn’t count as it’s rare). Some common ones should be where Sollux’s are considering his hive is that to a human’s apartment.


godtier: aspects and classes + fanon theory.

part 1|part 2|part 3|part 4|part 5|part 6|part 7 

sources < (applies to other slides)

would it be okay to have an olive-blooded troll have psionic abilities?

An olive blood troll is closer to Nepeta,whom in canon doesn’t really have psionic abilities. The psychic abilities in the hemospectrum ends at lime green blood. Lime green blooded trolls are hunted down by the HIC due to this power.

-Mod R


(Don’t know your God Tier? Take the God Tier test here!)

My take on the God Tier and the way they are used in battle. None of these can be considered canon unless Hussie himself confirms it, either in comic or on his blog, so please do not consider them canon! Thank you! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask.

Heir: an offensive class that defends themselves using their aspects. More or less similar to a warrior, although it can vary between aspects. With offensive aspects, they use their aspect physically to attack the enemy and defend themselves. With supportive aspects, they use their aspect against the enemy by sending powerful physical attacks against said enemy that lowers the enemy’s defense (depending on the aspect).

Witch: an interchangeable class, Witches are dependent on their aspects, and they manipulate their aspect to benefit their team. Witches paired with offensive aspects typically serve as offensive players, but when paired with defensive / elemental aspects, they instead use their aspect to debuff the other team.

Seer: a supporting class, they root out the weaknesses of the opposing team and use the weaknesses against them. Different aspects define different ways of detecting and using the weaknesses, as well as what said weaknesses are. A Seer of Heart could see your innermost desires and crush them before your eyes, while a Seer of Doom could see the ways to go about ensuring your demise.

Knight: a defensive class, they defend others by using their aspect. Having low attack but high defense, Knights die more often in battle than other classes. A Knight combined with an offensive aspect will attack the enemy in order to let their friends flee if they are weaker, and a Knight combined with a defensive / elemental aspect will use that aspect to weaken the enemy instead of attack.

Thief: offensive tank. Similar to the Rogue class, but instead of giving the buffs to the team, they give the buffs to themselves and go all out on offensive against the opponent. Sometimes they steal their own ‘negative’ sides or emotions and give it to the other team, such as a Thief of Rage. A Thief of Rage would take their own rage and curse the other team with it, causing them to go beserk, while they become calm-minded and more prepared.

Maid: a supportive class that uses their aspect to power up other team members. Maids use their aspects to buff the team, such as Regen (for Life) or Haste (for Time). Often enough, however, they can also use this against the other team, weakening them for short periods of time so that stronger members of their own team can wipe the opponent out.

Prince: the most powerful offensive class. They are literally destroyers, with the highest physical attack and the lowest defense, and their aspect is what they ‘destroy’ in the other team. A simple but extremely dangerous class, Princes paired with offensive aspects deal extremely high physical damage, but when paired with defensive aspects, they can completely destroy a person from the inside out while keeping them very much alive.

Page: a supportive class that acts as a war medic, in a sense. They have the defensive abilities of a Knight but instead of using their aspect to protect, they use it to heal other members of their team, using their high defense to keep their own health high while expending themselves for the sake of their team members. Pages combined with offensive aspects use the typical healing qualities of the aspect, but when combined with defensive / elemental aspects, they use it to cheer on their friends, by taking away debilitating status effects instead of replenishing their health.

Sylph: an interchangeable class, Sylphs are known for being extremely powerful no matter what aspect they have. Players with this Tier are known for having surprisingly unusual qualities in their personality that one might not detect otherwise, and this reflects in their powers. Sylphs paired wait until they have low health to deal powerful physical attacks to the opposite team, while when paired with defensive aspects, they use their aspect to lower the health and defense of the opposite team slowly, almost unnoticeable, until they deal a sudden powerful physical attack to finish them off. While they are debilitating their enemies, however, Sylphs can also heal other members of their party, losing their own health in the process.

Rogue: an interchangable class, they steal buffs from the opposite team and bestow said buffs on their own team members, expending themselves in the process. Rogues serve as an expendable class due to the fact that they use their aspect in every way possible: to attack and steal. Any buffs stolen are automatically reversed on themselves in the process, but the reversal does not affect the other party members. Therefore, a Rogue of Life who stole Regen from the opposite team would inflict on themselves Curse (the opposite of Regen; drains life), but the other members would still get Regen.

Mage: a defensive class, Mages utilize their aspects to prevent negative effects to befall the team with surprising foresight. While Seers use their aspect to root out the weaknesses in the opposing team, Mages use their aspect to detect their own team’s weaknesses and prevent them from being exposed or used as a weapon. Mages with offensive aspects protect members of the team with low offense, while Mages with defensive aspects protect those with low defense.

Bard: the wildcard class. They aren’t offensive, nor defensive, nor supportive. They use their aspect to invite destruction, chaos, confusion and otherwise, and it’s truly different for each aspect. A Bard with a physical aspect utilizes their aspect to go berserk, causing chaos. A Bard with a defensive aspect unravels the aspect in the opposite team, destroying members from the inside out.

OFFENSIVE ASPECTS: Space, Breath, Mind, Rage, Doom, Light

DEFENSIVE ASPECTS: Blood, Heart, Time, Hope, Life, Void

Note on aspects: each aspect has healing qualities. Space heals physical wounds, Breath keeps players going despite very low health, Mind removes status effects as well as heals mentality, Rage can either calm players gone berserk or spur them into battle, Doom enhances the abilities of players, and Light bestows extra Luck on players to ensure more critical hits. Blood, Life, Heart, and Void heal health points. Hope removes status effects and heals mentality, and Time reverses physical wounds for a short period of time so that players can keep fighting.

MORE INFORMATION ON ASPECTS FOUND HERE: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four

Credit for artwork: starboardabbey
Credit for gifs: defeatedart


guys im enjoying making these too much someone stop me

Hey i would like to send my troll in to be rated, but im not sure how to write up the homestuck-style paragraph bio thingy. Would it be acceptable if I just explain it normally?

Sure thing c:

We’ll review them nonetheless uwu


Your name is BUTTER SKETTI. You come from the MOUNTAIN OF DEW and your interests include MUDDIN’ and NASCAR. Your lusus is a CANNIBALISTIC POTBELLY PIG with a taste for FATBACK and LARD. You wield the RIFLEKIND SPECIBUS. You would have a trolltag if you actually knew how to use a ‘pooter.How is this not amazing? 

this is the greatest homestuck fancharacter ever 
everyone else go home

Your name is BUTTER SKETTI. 
You come from the MOUNTAIN OF DEW and your interests include MUDDIN’ and NASCAR. 
Your lusus is a CANNIBALISTIC POTBELLY PIG with a taste for FATBACK and LARD. 
You would have a trolltag if you actually knew how to use a ‘pooter.

How is this not amazing? 

this is the greatest homestuck fancharacter ever 

everyone else go home

Can a highblood be a prospit dreamer?

yes oh yes. Gamzee is a highblood and he’s a prospit dreamer c: